• “An extremely rich human and artistic experience.”

    Fatma, Nile Choir participant

  • “I’m connected to my African identity, and I am in love with it.”

    Alya, Nile Choir participant

  • “It was the Nile as I’ve never known it before.”

    Mustafa, Nile Choir participant

The Nile Choir is the Nile Project’s community music program. It opens up the Nile Project’s collaborative creative process to anyone interested in participating whether they are professional musicians, amateurs, or have no prior experience.

The first Nile Choir session took place in Cairo, Egypt during April and May 2016. Meeting twice a week over the course of these two months, choir members participated in a variety of creative exercises where they learned about the various musical traditions in the Nile Basin and collaborated on writing and composing The Tale of the Clouds & the Nile, a musical recounting the story of mythical creatures living on the banks of the Nile, brought together after a harsh and sudden drought kills off all other living creatures.

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