Music, dialogue, and education converge in powerful ways on Nile Project Tours.

At home in the Nile Basin, concerts expose audiences to the cultures of their river neighbors. As artists from the 11 Nile countries showcase what they share among their diverse musical traditions, they demonstrate the creative potential of transboundary collaborations. In an evolving series of interlocking programs that spring from the concert experience, the Nile Project inspires, educates, and empowers university students to collectively work towards the sustainability of their shared ecosystem.

Since its founding, the Nile Project has attracted over 60,000 people to 75 concerts in Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the United States. It has held over 120 participatory workshops and cross-cultural dialogues at 40 universities in the Nile Basin and the United States providing approximately 10,000 students with unique intellectual experiences to deepen their understanding of the Nile River.


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