• 'In the Nile Project I have access to cultures that are not so different than mine.'
    Selamnesh Zemene / Ethiopia / Vocals

  • 'It opened a whole new world to me.'
    Steven Sogo / Burundi / Vocals, Bass, Ikembe, Umiduri

  • 'You find yourself in a position to challenge your own self in the company of accomplished and talented musicians.'
    Dina El Wedidi / Egypt / Vocals, Lyricist

  • 'The ideas at the time of creation are endless... this is the ideal collaboration.'
    Kasiva Mutua / Kenya / Percussion, Vocals

Nile Gatherings are becoming a tradition at the Nile Project to bring together the Project’s community of musicians, staff, advisers, partners and stakeholders to assess the impact of our combined efforts, fine-tune our platform’s direction and create some great music too