Alfred Gamil

Alfred Gamil


Alfred Gamil is an alumni of Egypt’s Arab Music Institute (graduating in 1975 with a distinction) and the High Institute for Arabic Music (graduating in 1983  with an MA, honors of the first degree). Later on, his Ph.D thesis bore the title Achieving a number of Arabic Maqamat (gemmas and scales) of the Turkish Sazenda. All along , he also specialized in studies of voice, lute and the tumbur (a long-necked, stringed instrument resembling the mandolin). He studied violin since 1987 with Professor Bretzy as his main instrument and was a student of the renowned Abdou Dagher, a violin legend dubbed  Malik Al-Taqasim (king of of improvisations). He has been performing internationally for many years and has founded and leads his group Qithara.

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