Abdelfattah Metawie

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Abdelfattah Metawie

Professor of Water Resources Management
National Water Research Center, Egypt

Abdelfattah Metawie is professor of water resources management at the National Water Research Center-Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation(MWR&I) in Egypt.

With over 39 years of experience in the fields of IWRM in Egypt, Middle East, Africa and other parts of the World, Prof Metawie has published many papers and performed consultancy services as well.

Metawie got both of his M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the Civil Eng. Department at Colorado State University-USA in 1989.

He is an X-Chairman of Nile Water Sector of MWR & I, former Vice-President of NWRC and former Chair of the Permanent Joint Technical Committee (PJTC) of the Nile bet. Egypt and Sudan.

On the Regional level, he formerly rotated the Chairmanship of NileTAC and ENTRO of the Nile Basin Initiative. On the International level he previously was a Governer of the WWC and Vice President of IME at Marseille-France.

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