Haytham Awad

Acting Head of the Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulics Department
Alexandria University

Dr. Haytham Awad is the acting Head of the Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulics Department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, which has a history of cross-disciplinary research in the area of water resources management, including systems thinking and research, hydraulic structures, irrigation engineering, modelling, simulation, optimisation, decision support, data-mining and evolutionary computing.

Dr. Awad has over Twenty years of research and consulting experience in various water engineering disciplines, both in Egypt and abroad. He obtained his PhD in Engineering from Kyushu University in 2005.

He worked for 4 years in the Japanese water industry and another 2 years as research fellow at the University of Exeter in a research project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) in UK. He was responsible for the design of various complex water engineering systems and structures, including water and wastewater infrastructure systems, flood/river systems, irrigation/drainage systems and systems of large open reservoirs with dams and hydro power plants.

His research interests include design and calibration of water systems, hydroelectric power generation, risk and uncertainty analysis, decision support systems, modeling, genetic algorithms and evolutionary programming in water management and water Supply.

Dr Awad has (co)authored over 30 publications and filed two patents.